Letter from your Churchwardens re: Parish Vacancy

Dear Friends,

Following Canon Julie’s retirement we thought it would be helpful to let you know a little about how we as churchwardens will be working together over the coming months to ensure that the parish and its activities run as smoothly as possible.

The long established churchwarden duties and responsibilities listed in the Churchwardens Handbook are: “The churchwardens shall use their best endeavours to promote peace and unity amongst the parishioners, and by example and precept to encourage the parishioners in the practise of true religion”

During a vacancy, our regular duties are in practice extensive, include ensuring that services take place, maintaining parish buildings and church premises and making sure that the Parochial Church Council continues to meet. This includes committee meetings such as finance and communications. Virtual meetings are being held at the moment.

We are also here to help, support and advise you, so if you have a question or concern please contact us, or call Pamela at the parish office as appropriate. Contact details are below.

We are blessed with 6 churchwardens in total, 2 from each worship centre, and we do all meet together and support each other in what we do. Fortunately, we also have a very able ministry team including 4 clergy who will keep our current services going. We don’t expect to need to request help from outside the parish. We hope that it will be possible to resume some worship in person in a safe way soon. More details about this will follow.

We will certainly keep all congregations informed of the procedure of finding a new Rector. We were given permission a few months ago to put together a draft PARISH PROFILE. This is a fairly large document explaining to would be applicants the full description of our parish……our 3 worship centres, the type of services we have, the local area, and of course the house that the new Rector would live in. This will help us on our way.

We do realise that lots of people in our congregations are incredibly supportive of all aspects of our services and social gatherings and we do really appreciate that. We are one big family and we will do our utmost to support the process to appoint our new rector as soon as possible, but do please be prepared for a lengthy vacancy; these things do not happen overnight,

Bear with us and pray that God will guide us through the vacancy and lead the right person to us.

Your Churchwardens
Jo Myall, Robert Alder, Marjorie Stalker, Ashlyn Webster, Lucia Golding and Paul Marsden.

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