Patronal Festival – Thank You!

It was a huge pleasure to be part of the events marking this year’s St James’ Day over the weekend, and our first here as a family. It was a resounding success, especially so considering the challenging circumstances and the changeable weather. From the musical performances and the sing-along on Friday, to the fete on Saturday, there was plenty to savour.

Big congratulations to the team who made it all happen, both individually and collectively. Particular mention ought to be made of the social team, the choir and musicians, and the flower team. We also mustn’t forget the stall contributors and holders, as well as all the various logistical helpers. We can’t underestimate the work you’ve all put in over the months of planning and organising, and through the weekend. A huge thank you and congratulations to you all.

I must say that I was particularly impressed by the management of the weather; keeping the rain at bay, bringing out the sun at the right moments, and for just the right length of time. Very impressive indeed noting that the Rector was not as success-ful as you with the plans for an outdoor service on Sunday!

I would also like to thank everyone who participated and gave generously across the weekend. You know that without you the event would not be what it was and has been over the years. The teams were able to raise a good amount of money over the weekend. Thank you all very much.

With every blessing,

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