Fairtrade Parish

The Parish of Finchampstead and California is proud to be a FairTrade Parish.

Both St James’ and St Mary and St John’s churches use Fairtrade products for refreshments, and promote Fairtrade throughout the year.

Traidcraft stalls are also held occasionally at St Mary and St John’s Church.

Each year we join in with special events for Fairtrade fortnight, and our two churches each hold a stall after Services to promote and sell Fairtrade products.

The Fairtrade mark means that:

  • Farmers get a fair and stable price for their products
  • Producer groups get a premium to invest in improving their businesses and communities
  • Greater respect is shown for the environment, as producers are encouraged to use environmentally sustainable methods in growing their products
  • Small farmers have a stronger position in world markets
  • There is a closer link between producers and shoppers

“Even when the land of the poor produces good crops, they get cheated out of what they grow.” 
Proverbs Ch. 13 vs 23

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