The Green Team

Encouraging and supporting our care of God’s world

We strive to encourage people to recycle wherever possible and for those who cannot get to the recycling centre we provide facilities for collecting some recyclable items that are not collected by the council. For example we have collections for: batteries, ink cartridges, mobile phones, milk bottle tops, stamps, and water filters. Cardboard, plastic, foil and aluminium receptacles are behind the coffee bar & in the kitchen in SJCC.

We also have compost boxes for teabags, coffee grounds & fruit skins that can be thrown on our compost heap. A member of the congregation also provides facilities for recycling coffee filters, sweet biscuit wrappers and other items – the proceeds of which go to charity (at present Air Ambulance).

Energy Efficiency
We are currently reviewing our energy bills in the hope of becoming more energy efficient, and we are replacing all the light bulbs in St James Church Centre to be energy efficient. Your help in not using lighting or heating unnecessarily would be greatly appreciated!

The Green Team recognise LOAF initiatives (Local, Organic, Animal-friendly, Fair-trade) where possible through Social Events.

The Green Team is looking to develop its green efforts in the church yard. There are now some small bird boxes that have been put up in the churchyard to encourage the vast amount of wildlife that this area is already attracting. There is evidence of bats, birds, badgers. We have a large number of trees, as well as under storey shrubs and open grassland providing a variety of diverse habitats.

If anyone is interested in joining the Green Team, or has any ideas that the team might help advance, please see Richard Owen.

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