Dear Friends,

We do hope that you are keeping safe and well in these difficult times.  And we hope that we will soon be able to return to gathering together for worship as a church family.

As you know, after 9 wonderful transformative years in our parish, Canon Julie will be retiring next month. Her last streamed service will be on 7 June.

We know that many will want to show their appreciation for all that Julie has done for us, and we have come up with a plan for how we can gather a collection for a retirement gift for Julie, taking account of  current social distancing measures. When we are able to be together again we will also arrange for a whole parish get together so that we can say goodbye to Julie and David in person.  

We have set up a collections Paypal account which we can use to collect retirement gift contributions. The account is managed by our churchwardens.

There are 3 ways in which you can contribute to the retirement collection for Julie:

1.    If you already have a personal Paypal account, simply just click on the following link, enter the amount you would like to contribute, and when prompted sign into your personal Paypal account.                                                      

2.    If you do not have a Paypal account and have not sent money on Paypal before you can still make your contribution through Paypal direct to the church collections account without charge using a bank debit or credit card. Please click on the Donate button below to donate a contribution in the same way as you would pay for online purchases.

3.    If you or anyone in your family who might assist are not able to send money these ways, please contact your churchwarden – Jo at St James, Marjorie at SMSJ, Lucia at St Eligius. Our email details are below.

We know this may seem a bit complicated, and we are sorry that it is, but we are sure you understand that there are practical limitations at the moment. This set of circumstances is very new to us and we are learning as we go.

Any questions you might have can be directed to

Jo Myall – [email protected]
Marjorie Stalker – [email protected]
Lucia Golding – [email protected]

Best wishes to you all,
Rob, Jo, Marjorie, Ashlyn, Lucia and Paul.

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