Saint Mary


Saint Mary as depicted
in the stain glass window
at the altar of SMSJ church


Mary, variously called Saint Mary, Mother Mary, the Virgin Mary, was an Israelite Jewish woman of Nazareth in Galilee who is considered by Christians to be the first proselyte to Christianity.

She is identified in the New Testament[Mt 1:16,18-25][Lk 1:26-56][2:1-7]and in the Qur’an as the mother of Jesus through divine intervention. Christians hold her son Jesus to be “Christ” (i.e. the messiah) and God the Son Incarnate.

The canonical gospels of Matthew and Luke describe Mary as a virgin. Traditionally, Christians believe that she conceived her son miraculously by the agency of the Holy Spirit.  This took place when she was already betrothed to Saint Joseph and was awaiting the concluding rite of marriage, the formal home-taking ceremony.  She married Joseph and accompanied him to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born. 

The New Testament begins its account of Mary’s life with the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel appeared to her and announced her divine selection to be the mother of Jesus. Church tradition and early non-biblical writings state that her parents were an elderly couple, Saint Joachim and Saint Anne.

The Bible records Mary’s role in key events of the life of Jesus from his conception to his Ascension. Apocryphal writings tell of her subsequent death and bodily assumption into heaven.

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