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Audio Recordings of Lectures delivered at St James’

Lent Lectures 2011 – Wellbeing and Meditation

Dr Anthony Seldon, Master of Wellington College, Berkshire

Lent Lectures 2011 – Medicine, Technology and the Future of Humanity

Professor John Wyatt, Professor of Ethics and Perinatology at University College London

Lent Lectures 2012 – What We Can Learn From Africa – Rt Rev’d Andrew Proud

Our Lent Lecture series for 2012 was launched by an excellent lecture from our new Bishop of Reading, Rt Rev’d Andrew Proud talking about his time in Africa, and what he learnt from his time there and what the Church in Berkshire can learn.

Lent Lectures 2012 – Dearly Beloved – The Book of Common Prayer and the State of England

The second lecture in our 2012 series was from our own Rev’d John Edwards, and is a fascinating review of the history of the Book of Common Prayer, in this the 350th anniversary of the 1662 prayer book that is still in use today.

Lent Lectures 2012 – Christians, Muslims, Atheists – The Struggle for the Heart of Europe

The third lecture of our 2012 series is from Andrew Fellows of the L’Abri Fellowship in Hampshire, with his personal view of the current situation in Europe between Christians, Muslims and Modernity. Does Christianity or Islam have a future in Europe?

Lent Lectures 2012 – I’ve Started, So I’ll Finish – Living as a Christian through Middle Age and Beyond

Martin Cooper of interdenominational organisation Navigators gave us an inspiring lecture exploring how we can continue our Christian lives into the second part of life. Using examples from the bible of people who are remembered most for things that they did towards the end of life, and a few where they lost their way he gives us everybody a chance to consider whether their best spiritual years may still be ahead.

Lent Lectures 2012 – Is the Bible True? – The Battle for Ancient Israel

In the fifth of our Lent Lecture series, Martin Hughes, an Oxford Graduate in Ancient History and Theology and former lecturer at Durham University takes us on a journey through the archeology of ancient Israel and explores how this relates to the stories we have in the Old Testament.

Lent Lectures 2012 – The Media: Why the Worst May Be Over, and the Best is Yet to Come

This year we have a sixth, bonus lecture presented by the well known presenter of Channel 4 News Jon Snow. Jon gave an interesting and inspiring talk on the subject of “The Media: Why the Worst May Be Over, and the Best is Yet to Come”. Jon looks at how the technology that brings us the news has changed over his career, right up to the changes to the news brought about by camera phones and social media.

All Is Revealed – An Introduction to the Book of Revelation

In this Friends of St James’ lecture delivered on 7th September 2014, Rev’d Canon John Edwards enlightens us on themes within of the Book of Revelation and helps us to understand their meaning. The handout for this lecture can be downloaded here.

Audio Recordings of Sermons delivered at St James’

Sermon for Rev’d Hannah’s First Eucharist – A sermon given by Rev’d Richard Lamey, Vicar of St Paul’s Wokingham on the occasion of Rev’d Hannah leading her first Eucharist at St James’, July 5th 2015. A similar version of the sermon was preached at St Mary and St John’s earlier that day.

An Election Challenge – A sermon given by Rev’d John Edwards shortly after the 2010 General Election was called.

A recording of the sermon given by the Bishop of Oxford, the Rt Rev’d John Pritchard on Palm Sunday, 28th March 2010, at a service to rededicate St James’ following the restoration and conservation work.

A recording of the sermon given by the Bishop of Reading, Rt Rev’d Stephen Cottrell at the Civic Service held on 18th July 2010 as part of the Celebration Week following the restoration and conservation of St James’.

St James’ Day, 25th July 2010 was Rev’d Richard’s last service as Priest-in-Charge of St James’. This is a recording of his final sermon, and his presentation to the Churchwardens.

At the end of his final service, Ed Sampson, along with Nicky Alder and Karen Remmington give a tribute to Rev’d Richard and present him with gifts. Apologies for the sound dipping out part way through – Ed was using a handheld microphone at the time!

The Great Opportunity – A series of three sermons given by Rev’d John Edwards.

Recordings of Services

Joint Confirmation Service 2011 with St Mary and St John California, held in Wellington College Chapel, Crowthorne.

A Service of Celebration of the Ministry of Rev’d John Edwards, with Rt Rev’d Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham preaching, recorded in St James’.

Rev’d John’s Resurrection Series

Handouts and Recordings

Session 1 – The Gospels Part 1

Session 2 – The Gospels Part 2

Session 3 – Paul

Session 4 – Transformation Then Transformation Now

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