Thank you from CIRDIC

Thank you for your Church’s recent donations to CIRDIC (Churches in Reading Drop-In Centre) together with the Gift Aid forms.

The cash amounted to £259.50. Besides the cash, a total of £284 was received by cheques and £30 CAF Charity Voucher for which we are very grateful.

Next Ladies Breakfast – Sat 16th Nov

Next Ladies Breakfast on Saturday 16th November 9am – 10am at St James’ Church Centre.

An invitation to all ladies – I do hope you are free to come along and join the group for fruit salad, croissants, toast, tea and coffee, lots of friendly chat and a short ‘thought for the day’.

Drop me a line if you can come so I provide enough breakfast.

Thanks, Carolyn Fox 07779724090 [email protected]

Hampers for Gorse Ride and those in need

The Community Outreach group for the parish is working with Simon Ingle who is based on the Gorse Ride Estate in making up 20 hampers for those in need in the area.

Please take a tag from the box if you would like to donate to this cause and bring the item in by Wed 20th November.

St Eligius Vision lunch meeting – Sun 17th Nov

Vision lunch meeting after 11am Service 17 Nov @St Eligius

Rhodri Bowen, the Berkshire Parish Development Advisor (PDA), will be coming along to speak to us about our vision for St Eligius.

It will be an opportunity to celebrate all that God has done in our midst over the years and to think together about how we can continue this amazing work.

If you are interested in the future of our church, please do come along, everyone welcome! To book lunch please email t[email protected] or sign up on the list at each of our worship centres

Parish Prayer List

Praying Hands

Baptisms –Please pray for: Theo Wilcox, Ruby McCann, Cassie Netherway, Eden Hayward.

Parish Intercessions List –Please pray for: Joyce Beckett, Anne, Bridget, Sophie Hall, Paige,Thea,Kate, Ann Pask,Colin Ramsay McClaren, Natalie, Louise, Reuben, Rosalind Drury, Leo Lumby, Simon, Bernadette, Wendy Wright, Andrew, Dennis Hall, Sarah, Daniel, Jack, the Edminson family, Johann, Mary Whalley, June & Tom Warr, Hazel & Maurice Lee, Pamela Davis, Lorna D’Cruz.

And those who mourn: Tony Goodson, Jean Boswood, Marion Elliot

Residents living in the following roads in the parish (visited by our Ministry Team this week):  Barkham Ride even, Ravenswood Avenue and Faraday Close

Please call the Parish Office if you wish prayers to be offered for yourself or somebody you know.  Alternatively, fill out a prayer request card and leave in the box provided.  Names will be included for 4 weeks initially.   Thank you.

Below are some familiar prayers that Christians have found helpful and inspirational down the centuries which you may want to use :

O God, from whom to be turned is to fall, to whom to be turned is to rise,
and in whom to stand is to abide forever; grant us in all our duties , thy help,
in all our perplexities thy guidance, in all our dangers thy protection,
and in all our sorrows thy peace; through Jesus Christ out Lord.   Amen
St Augustine of Hippo

Thanks be to  thee, our Lord Jesus Christ, for all the benefits which thou hast given us,
for all the pains and insults which thou hast borne for us.
O most merciful Redeemer, Friend and Brother,
may we see thee more clearly,
love thee more dearly,
and follow thee more nearly
day by day.
St Richard of Chichester

Lord, I shall be verie busie this day.  I may forget thee, but do not thou forget me.   Amen.
Sir Jacob Astley’s Prayer befor the battle of Edgehill

Grant us, O Lord
in thought, faith;
in word, wisdom,
in deed, courage;
in life, service;
through Jesus Christ, our Lord.   Amen
Inscribed on the Viceroy’s house in New Delhi

Military Wives Concert – Thu 28th Nov

Military Wives Fundraising Concert with Cheese and Wine at St Eligius on the evening of Thursday 28th November at 7.30pm.

Tickets £3 from the Parish office or Military wives.

Please do come along and help towards the future of St Eligius Church.

Link to Hope Shoebox Appeal 2019

Many thanks to all those who donated shoeboxes.

They will be given to needy families and elderly people in Eastern Europe.

Bring and Buy Sale – Sun 17th Nov

Bring and Buy Sale –Sunday 17th November at SJCC

After both the 9.30 and 11.00 services we are holding a “Bring and Buy Sale” of books, gifts, nick-knacks, jewellery, toys, new toiletries, craft items etc.(ideal for Christmas presents).

We would very much welcome your contributions,please bring them to SJCC any time before 17th November, there is a box in the CC near the coffee bar.

Tickets for our “Christmas Hamper” will also be on sale.

Please come and support if you can, we look forward to seeing you.

Christingle at Wellington College chapel – Tue 24th Dec

Christingle at Wellington College chapel on Christmas Eve.

Application forms are now available after services at St James or from the church centre.

Please return your form by Sunday 1st December.

Traidcraft Christmas Cards and Catalogue

Christmas Cards and a catalogue are available for you to see by the CMG Board in SJCC.

Please e mail or phone any orders to Pam Smith, if possible before Friday Nov.15th.

Items ordered will be delivered to you in early December at the latest.