Parish Prayer List

Praying Hands

Parish Intercessions List – Please pray for: Joyce Beckett, Anne, Bridget, Sophie Hall, James, Emma, Paige, Diana, Marilyn, Thea, Ann Pask, Colin Ramsay McClaren, Natalie, Louise, Reuben, Rosalind Drury, Leo Lumby, Simon, Bernadette, Wendy Wright, Andrew, Andrew Tomlinson, Dennis Hall, Malcolm Fanshawe, Sarah, Brenda, Helen, Daniel, Jack, the Edminson family, Barbara Unwin, Andrea, Marion Elliot.

And those who mourn: Carol May, Kath James, Reginald Rockett.

Residents living in the following roads in the parish (visited by our Ministry Team this week):   The whole Parish

Please call the Parish Office if you wish prayers to be offered for yourself or somebody you know.  Alternatively, fill out a prayer request card and leave in the box provided.  Names will be included for 4 weeks initially.   Thank you.


Below are some familiar prayers that Christians have found helpful and inspirational down the centuries which you may want to use :

O God, from whom to be turned is to fall, to whom to be turned is to rise,
and in whom to stand is to abide forever; grant us in all our duties , thy help,
in all our perplexities thy guidance, in all our dangers thy protection,
and in all our sorrows thy peace; through Jesus Christ out Lord.   Amen
St Augustine of Hippo

Thanks be to  thee, our Lord Jesus Christ, for all the benefits which thou hast given us,
for all the pains and insults which thou hast borne for us.
O most merciful Redeemer, Friend and Brother,
may we see thee more clearly,
love thee more dearly,
and follow thee more nearly
day by day.
St Richard of Chichester

Lord, I shall be verie busie this day.  I may forget thee, but do not thou forget me.   Amen.
Sir Jacob Astley’s Prayer befor the battle of Edgehill

Grant us, O Lord
in thought, faith;
in word, wisdom,
in deed, courage;
in life, service;
through Jesus Christ, our Lord.   Amen
Inscribed on the Viceroy’s house in New Delhi


Lent Lecture 2019 – “Simon of Cyrene”

If you were unable to attend our fifth Lent Lecture of 2019, “Simon of Cyrene” delivered by Revd Tonia Elliott, a video recording of the lecture is now available on our YouTube channel…


Prayer Diary for April

Lent Lecture 2019 – “Mary Magdalene”

If you were unable to attend our third Lent Lecture of 2019, “Mary Magdalene” delivered by Bishop Humphrey Southern, Principal of Ripon College, Cuddesdon, a video recording of the lecture is now available on our YouTube channel…

Lent Lecture 2019 – “John, the beloved disciple”

If you were unable to attend our second Lent Lecture of 2019, “John, the beloved disciple” delivered by Revd Julian McAllen, a video recording of the lecture is now available on our YouTube channel…

Lent Lecture 2019 – “Women With No Name”

If you were unable to attend our first Lent Lecture of 2019, “Women With No Name” delivered by The Very Revd Prof Martyn Percy, Dean of Christ Church, a video recording of the lecture is now available on our YouTube channel…

Fairtrade Fortnight thanks

Thank you to all who supported Fairtrade Fortnight.

Sales & Orders were £302.   £25 was donated to Traidcraft Exchange, supporting the producers & growers to develop their businesses.

Musical Supper thanks

Thank you to all who supported the St. David’s Day Musical Supper – and especially to all our choristers who entertained us so beautifully.

With lots of lovely comments about how enjoyable the evening was, all the hard work was well worth the effort as we raised £1,000 for church funds.

Parish inclusivity policy

‘To give the best possible welcome to all-comers’   Vision Statement – Parish of Finchampstead & California

A recent letter from a number of ‘concerned Anglicans’ to the four bishops of the Diocese on the issue of human sexuality could be interpreted as having been sent with the approval of the parish of Finchampstead and California.  We, the Rector and Church Wardens of the parish, would like to point out that this is not the case.

In line with our vision statement, quoted above, we would like to reaffirm our support for the tone and pastoral sensitivity of our Bishops’ ‘Ad Clerum – Clothed in Love’ last October.

We believe that as a diverse parish, embracing and seeking to hold together people with differing churchmanships and theologies, it is important that we restate our policy of inclusivity, respect and welcome to all-comers.

St James’ Church Cleaning

We would very much welcome some more help in keeping our lovely church clean.

Can you spare an hour every few weeks to help please? If so we would love to hear from you. Please contact Parish Office on 0118 9730133.