The following team of dedicated individuals work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that a parish as busy as Finchampstead and California keeps running smoothly. We are very grateful to all those named below for their valued contribution to the life of our churches:

Parochial Church Council (PCC):

Clergy Licensed to the Parish
see Ministry Team for more info
Incumbent: Rev Canon Julie Ramsbottom (PCC Chair, PCC Standing Committee)
Associate Priest: Rev Canon John Edwards
Stipendiary Associate Priest: Rev Julian McAllen (also Standing Committee)
New Communities Minister: Rev Tonia Elliott
Church Wardens St James:
Robert Alder (also Standing Committee)
Joanne Myall (also Standing Committee)
St Mary & St John:
Marjorie Stalker (also Standing Committee)
Dave Moore (also Standing Committee)
St Eligius:
Maurice (Larry) Le Var (also Standing Committee)
Lucia Golding (also Standing Committee)
Elected Deanery Synod Representatives to 31 May 2020:
Nicky Alder (also Standing Committee)
Carolyn Fox (PCC Secretary and Standing Committee)
Martin Hughes
Richard Owen
Sharon White (also Standing Committee)
James Lawbuary
Richard Peat (PCC Lay Vice Chair and Standing Committee)
Elected PCC Members to 2019:
Sarah Booth
Gill Myall
Sandy Godfrey
Pam Smith
Martin Hembra
to 2020:
Maurice Driver
Thelma Campbell
Colum Devine (PCC Treasurer and Standing Committee)
Kate Meads
Karen Remmington
to 2021:
Ed Sampson
Bev Mitchell
Ashlyn Webster
Paul Marsden
Joy Scovell
Co-opted members Karl van Burkleo
Susan Holmes
The PCC is a corporate body formed under the Parochial Church Council (Powers) Measure 1956 as amended. The PCC makes decisions corporately about the running of the parish and is responsible for all parish finance, including the appointment of a treasurer. The Standing Committee is a smaller group empowered to transact the business of the PCC between meetings, subject to keeping the PCC informed as fully as possible. The practical work of the PCC is largely devolved to committees and working groups who report back regularly and bring recommendations to the PCC.

Committees for the whole Parish:

Note: The Rector is ex-officio to all committees and may attend as she wishes.
PCC members shown in bold. For accountability, chairs of committees should generally be PCC members – where chair (or secretary) is not a PCC member, the PCC members on that committee are responsible for keeping the PCC informed & circulating minutes to PCC.

Standing Committee Rector, churchwardens Ed Sampson and Joanne Myall, Dave Moore & Marjorie Stalker, PCC Treasurer (Colum Devine), PCC Secretary (Carolyn Fox) and up to 3 other elected members (at least one from each worship centre) – Nicky Alder & Sharon White.
Standing Committee is the only committee required by law, with power to transact the business of the PCC between its meetings, subject to any directions given by the PCC.  Matters are often referred to the Standing Committee to investigate further and bring back to the full PCC either a report or recommendation.  The Standing Committee arranges the agenda for the full PCC meetings.
Communications, IT and Publicity Richard Peat (chair), Carolyn Fox, Marjorie Stalker
+ David Booth, Judy McLaren. Ann Pask, Penny Arlon
Key responsibilities of the committee include producing parish newsletters, managing parish website and maintaining relationships with the local press and others to obtain publicity.
Community & Outreach
Clergy member Rev Julian McAllen, Marjorie Stalker    
+ Louise Westphalen, Chris Driver, Harry Row, Flemming Westphalen
Oversees and encourages the involvement of the church in the local community, seeks to understand the needs of the community and to look at ways these might be met.
Growing Living Faith Clergy member Rev Canon John Edwards, Rev Hannah Higginson, Kate Meads, Karen Remmington
+ Janet Clements (day-to-day leader & chair), Emma Howe,
Encouraging adults to begin and continue a journey of faith as Christians by providing suitable courses and other resources.
Children & Youth Outreach
Clergy member Rev Canon Julie Ramsbottom, Rev Hannah Higginson, Jo Myall, Ashlyn Webster, James Lawbuary
+ Lisa Spooner, Rose MacMillan, Sam Khan, Kate Hembra, Karl Van Burkleo
Oversees and encourages the development of all the church’s work with children and young people to draw them in and help them on their journey of discovery as followers of Jesus.
Finance Colum Devine (chair), Robert Alder, Martin Hembra, Marjorie Stalker,Lucia Golding
+ Jonathan Marshall, Cath Bowers
Key responsibilities of the committee include tracking finances and encouraging increased giving to support the mission of the Church.  Also looking critically at the financial arrangements of the PCC and the use of assets.
Charities and Mission Group
Pam Smith (chair), Sarah Booth, Martin Hughes, Susan Meikle
+ Julia Arscott, Chris Ilsley, Rev Hugh Wakeling
Encouraging support of predominantly Christian charitable projects both UK based and overseas, proposing recipients of financial support to the PCC and bringing knowledge of the work of these charities to the church congregations.   Please click here to find out more.
Church Yard Committee
(Helen Taylor Churchyard Trust)

The Rector ex-officio.  According to the Constitution, the PCC elect three from among its number of which one should be Chair & one treasurer.  (In addition, up to 6 others can be co-opted annually, one of whom should represent the Baptists and one the Roman Catholics.) Richard Owen (chair), Ed Sampson (treasurer) and Carolyn Fox
+non PCC, Annalisa Brett, Ljiljana Seed, Chris Collins, Ann Pask, Joy Scovell
The mission and aims of the Helen Taylor Churchyard Trust are for the long term care of St. James’ Churchyard. The graveyard is ecumenical (open to all churches) and its members reflect the views of different churches in Finchampstead. It maintains and repairs the churchyard area, its walls, fences and gates. The Trust also maintains the paths and where practicable maintains the memorials in a safe condition.
Please click here to find out more.
Green Team Richard Owen (chair), Rev Hannah Higginson, Carolyn Fox, Bev Mitchell, Sharon White
+ Chris Ilsley, Derrick Sequeira, Dave Cox
Encouraging the PCC and church congregations to be better stewards of God’s World, raising awareness of environmental issues and encouraging recycling.
St Eligius Committee (formed 2017) Churchwarden Jo Myall, PCC Treasurer Colum Devine, Robert Alder, Canon Julie Ramsbottom, Canon John Edwards, Richard Peat (Arborfield resident), Martin Hembra (property expert) + 4 reps from St Eligius (Rita Le Var, Larry Le Var, Paul Marsden and Richard Arturi-Thomas), PCC secretary Carolyn Fox to take the minutes.
Managing the incorporation of St Eligius into the parish.

Church-specific Committees:

Fabric and Property
St James
Robert Alder (chair), Maurice Driver, Martin Hembra, Richard Owen
+ Sue Sampson (Church Centre Manager)
Overseeing the maintenance & repair of the whole of the St James’ Church/Manor House campus and the property in McCarthy Way.
Buildings Management
St Mary & St John
Marjorie Stalker, Louise Goldring
+Paul Webster, Judy McLaren
Overseeing the maintenance and repair of St Mary & St John Parish Centre.
Worship and Liturgy
St James
Rev Julian McAllen, Nicky Alder, Carolyn Fox, Richard Peat, Joanne Myall
+ Head Sacristan Paul Arscott, Director of Music Janice Devine
Carry out much of the planning and overall direction of services.
Worship Committee
St Mary & St John
Rev Julian McAllen, Pam Smith, Ashlyn Webster, Dave Moore, Marjorie Stalker, Martin Hughes
+ Karen King
Carry out much of the planning and overall direction of services.
Social and Fundraising
St James
Gill Myall, Nicky Alder  
+ Sue Sampson (day-to-day leader & chair), Sarah Owen, Chris Driver, Chris Widman, Sue Robinson, Maureen Nottage, Jane Parle
The Social and Fundraising Committees undertake a key role within the Church, planning and organising various social and fundraising functions and also supporting special services throughout the year. Whilst helping to provide fellowship through social events our aim is also to raise essential funds for not only our own Church needs but also for wider charitable giving both at home and overseas.
Social and Fundraising
St Mary & St John
Marjorie Stalker, Pam Smith, Thelma Campbell
+ June Sharpe, Pat Weeks, Shirley Moore, Janice Allen
The Social and Fundraising Committees undertake a key role within the Church, planning and organising various social and fundraising functions and also supporting special services throughout the year. Whilst helping to provide fellowship through social events our aim is also to raise essential funds for not only our own Church needs but also for wider charitable giving both at home and overseas.
Friends of St James Committee
St James
Ed Sampson
Sarah Verdin, Gordon Halliday-Vargas, Terence Narborough-Hall

Other Roles (Parish-wide):

Senior Parish Administrator Karen Remmington
Parish Administrator Kate Hembra
Director of Music Janice Devine
Organist/Accompanist William Taylor
Electoral Roll Officer Nicky Alder
Data Protection Officer Louise Westphalen
Press and Publicity Officer Richard Peat
Regular Giving and Gift Aid Administrator
Robert Alder
Newsletter Editor Carolyn Fox
Mothers Union Branch Leader Sarah Owen
Website Administrator David Booth
Youth Group Coordinator James Lawbuary (Youth & Family Worker)
Wedding Verger Olive Butchart (St James), Heather Greenfield-Macrae and Ashlyn Webster (St Mary and St John)
Baptism Team Baptism Verger: Olive Butchart (St James), Chris Ilsley (St Mary and St John)
+Sarah Booth, Jackie Lawrence, Debbie Salkeld, Lindsay van den Burg, Mim Metcalfe
Safeguarding Officer Jackie Lawrence
Manager of Charity Commission Registration Carolyn Fox
Park Management Committee Representative Rev Julian McAllen
California Association Pat Weeks
Village Hut Club Trustee Maurice Driver
Gorse Ride Church/School Liaison Group Marjorie Stalker – together with Ministry Team members Canon Julie or Rev Julian, Rev Hannah and James Lawbuary
Parish statistics administrator Nicky Alder
Ladies Breakfast Leader Carolyn Fox
Churches Together in Crowthorne Rev Gemma Wilkinson and Maureen Green
Prayer Time Leader Paula Vicary
Singles Lunch Leader Marian Parry
Simple Lunch Food Coordinator Carolyn Fox

Other Roles (Church-specific):

Church Centre Administrator (St James) Sue Sampson
Parish Centre Administrator (St Mary and St John) Marjorie Stalker
Lead Sacristan (St James) Paul Arscott
Lead Sacristan (St Mary and St John) June Warr
Pastoral Team (St James)
(reporting directly to Ministry Team)
Team leader Paul Arscott, visitors Barbara Brice, Julia Arscott, Richard Owen, Kate Meads
+ Team carer Daphne Lucan-Wilson; Visitors Pam Grinter, Sarah Owen, Nancy Webster, Barbara Hill, Felicity Workman; Team helpers Phyll Buchanan (training) and Senior Parish Administrator Karen Remmington
Click here for more information
Funeral Verger (St James) Richard Owen
Fledgelings Leader (St James) Sam Kahn
Church Archivist (St James) Olive Butchart
Tuesday Working Party Leader (St James) Maurice Driver
Flower Team Leader (St James) Denise Adams
Flower Team (St Mary and St John) Marjorie Stalker, Ashlyn Webster
Tower Bells(St James) Hugh Dempster (Tower captain), Tricia Amos (contact)
Churchyard Gardening Club(St James) Ed Sampson
Insurances Officer Peter McBrien

Information correct as of 12th June, 2018

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