• A series of linked sessions covering a specific topic or theme
  • Sessions may ‘stand alone’ or continue from one week to the next
  • Some courses are aimed at a particular group
  • May meet on church premises or in people’s homes


Christianity Explored

christianity_exploredWould you be interested in learning about the
basics of the Christian faith in a relaxed setting
alongside a group of other people?


Christianity Explored is an informal 7-week course for people who’d like to investigate Christianity. Looking at Mark’s gospel, it explores who Jesus is, why he came, and what it means to follow him. Each session includes lots of discussion, focus on a short Bible passage and DVD. Whether you have previous experience of Church, Christians and the Bible, or none at all, this course could be for you.

If you might be interested or would like to know more, please speak to a member of the clergy, or contact the Parish Office.
(0118-9730133 or email:

Note: This course will also form part of the preparation for Confirmation for adult candidates.

Feedback from our last course:

“I loved the relaxed format, the video presentation and the way nothing is taboo – all questions listened to and an answer attempted.”
“I wanted to find out more and understand Christianity.”
“I wanted to help answer questions my children may have.”
“I am further along in my journey and can now take things further. It is a good change, as it is too ‘easy’ to say you are a Christian, but not really be.”
“I understand much more than I did before and feel more comfortable with my beliefs.”
“It has really made a difference to my understanding of what a Christian actually is and what is expected of me. My faith is as strong but my knowledge is much better.”
“I’m still on a journey to grow more in my faith. The C-Ex course helped me to grow and gave me confidence that I’m on the right road.”

Faith on the Frontline

faithfrontline1COME, FOLLOW ME….

Just like the first disciples, we are called to follow Jesus.

There are the obvious churchy things, such as worship, Holy Communion, reading the Bible or praying. But beyond this there is the whole of the rest of our lives – for most of us the vast majority of our time – when we’re at work, at home, with family and friends, volunteering, keeping fit etc. How do we follow Jesus better when we’re not in the safe environment of the church community?

‘Faith on the Frontline’ is a six session course to help us follow Jesus more faithfully and live for him more fruitfully in today’s world.

You may be wondering what we mean when we talk about ‘Frontline’….

  • Frontlines are the places where we spend the majority of our time outside the church.
  • Everyone in our church community (young or old, in paid employment or not, sick or well) has a Frontline – and it matters!
  • God is at work on our Frontline, shaping us, changing us, using us.

faithfrontline2       faithfrontline3

Feedback from our last course:

What did you particularly like about the course?
Thought provoking DVD and discussions.
The opportunity to get to know others better.
Ideas to take away and consider.
Easy going; no pressure to speak if you didn’t want to.

To what extent has the course changed the way you think about your frontline(s)?
I realise there is great value in the little everyday things and even these can bring glory to God.
I am more alert during the day to how I can show God’s love and Jesus’ ways.
I value what I do everyday more and appreciate there are different ways of serving God.
I am more conscious of God’s presence in the everyday happenings of life and am grateful for that – it offers a sense of peace.

Would you recommend other people to attend ‘Faith on the Frontline’?
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Definitely. Definitely. (based on 10 responses)

For more information, speak to a member of the clergy or contact the Parish Office
(0118-9730133 or email:

Fruitfulness on the Frontline

fruitfulness on frontline

My Father is glorified by this,
that you bear much fruit…
John 15:8




  • A new course, helping us to be ‘fruitful’ for God in everyday life.
  • Open to all, newcomers as well as those who attended our previous course ‘Faith on the Frontline’
  • Sessions include a short DVD, Bible passage and opportunities for discussion and prayer.

For more information, speak to a member of the clergy or contact the Parish Office
(0118-9730133 or email:

Growing Leaders

growingleadersA course helping people

  • grow in Christian faith
  • explore leadership
  • discover more about God’s calling

For more information speak to a member of the clergy, or contact the Parish Office.
(0118-9730133 or email:


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