Services At St James

Most services at St James’ Church use modern language known as Common Worship (CW) but each Sunday there is at least one service which uses the traditional language of the Book of Common Prayer (BCP).

Details of the various regular services we offer are below:

Pew shell detail 8am Holy Communion. This is a Said service (no hymns) with a sermon, which alternates between modern language and BCP
Pew shell detail Matins and Evensong. These are Sung Services of Morning and Evening Prayer from the BCP with choir, hymns and sermon.
Pew shell detail Parish Communion. The principal Sunday service at 11am, lasting just over an hour and using modern language, with choir, hymns and a sermon.
Pew shell detail Family Service. This is a shorter (35 minute) service tailored to families with younger children. Although there is a structure, it’s intended to be informal and fun. Each child can choose his/her own instrument to accompany popular hymns and we also have bags of toys and books available for smaller children. It can be quite noisy so children who find it hard to sit still won’t be out of place! On the 2nd and 4th Sunday in the month the service is held in the Church Centre ‘cafe-style’ and begins with drinks and breakfast from 9.15am. On the third Sunday in the month there is a Family Communion Service – a short, accessible service where the principles behind communion are explained and children actively involved.
Pew shell detail Morning Prayers. As Christians we are all called to pray, and as part of our Parish Vision, we are seeking to provide more opportunities for people to pray together on a daily basis. Hence Morning Prayer will be said in the chancel of St James’ Finchampstead at 9.30am on Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fri.  Each day is led by a different member of the Ministry Team and we would encourage you to join us when you can.
Pew shell detail Midweek Communion. An informal service held on Wednesday at 10am lasting about 50 minutes, normally using modern language, with hymns and a discussion based on the Bible readings.
Pew shell detail Communion at Home. If you or anyone you know is unable to get to St James’ for a period of time and would like to receive communion at home or in hospital, please call the Parish Office and we would be pleased to arrange this for you.

Services at St James

family conneXions

At St James’ we are committed to helping families learn more about Jesus and play a full part in our Church Community.

We have a dedicated team of volunteers on hand after Family Service and Church Family Communion to help with any queries, ideas or feedback you might have.   Look out for people with family conneXions badges on and please come over to the church centre after services to have a cup of tea and a chat with them.

We need all your feedback (good and bad) and in particular we would like to know whether you would be interested in more social activities such as: family outings to farm parks, children’s discos, parish walks, outings/events for older children, or outings/events for parents where you leave the children with a babysitter!   Any ideas welcome.

Special Services through the Church Year

‘Darkness to Light’ – A special Advent Carol Service on Advent Sunday evening (end Nov/early Dec), remembering the promises of old of God’s light coming into the world in the form of Jesus.

‘Nine Lessons and Carols service’ – A traditional evening service of carols, bible readings and choir anthems, generally the Sunday before Christmas.

‘Christingle’ service(s) – Generally on Christmas Eve. A decorated orange with a candle/glow light in it, given to each of the children, reminds them of the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus, the Light of the world.

‘Midnight Communion/Midnight Mass’ – A choral service starting late on Christmas Eve and finishing just into Christmas Day, the first time to sing the 4th verse of O Come All Ye Faithful – ‘Yea, Lord, we greet thee, born this happy morning’.

‘Epiphany’ – Jan 6th, celebrating the coming of the wise men to Jesus, showing that he is for the whole world. Sometimes celebrated on the nearest Sunday or with an evening communion service midweek.

‘Ash Wednesday’ – The beginning of Lent, usually an extra evening service as well as the regular 10am midweek communion – with ‘ashing’, marking foreheads with the sign of a cross made from ash mixed with oil.

‘Palm Sunday’ – Often a procession outside the church to remind us of Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey.

‘Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day’ – Special services on the Thursday & Friday before Easter and Easter Day itself, often with a Dawn Service on the Sunday, marking the events in Jesus’life leading up to and including the first Easter Day, when he rose from death.

‘Pentecost/Whit Sunday’ – Marks the promised coming of the Holy Spirit to the first disciples – celebrated at St James’ with the encouragement for all the congregation to wear something red, orange or yellow, as the Spirit was described as ‘like tongues of flame’.

‘St James’ Day – July 25th’ – Celebrating the saint after whom the church is named – sometimes celebrated on the nearest Sunday, if not the actual day.

‘All Souls’ Service’ – A service to remember loved ones who have died, includes a Roll Call and words of comfort.

‘Remembrance Sunday’ – Besides services in church to remember those who have died in war, a special afternoon service takes place at Finchampstead War Memorial, attended by Scouts, Cubs, Brownies & Guides. Wreaths are laid and the names on the Memorial are read out.

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